Biblical Counseling

We believe that the Bible is God’s perfect Word, and that God has provided for us in Christ Jesus all we need to navigate life in this world (2 Pet 1:3).

Whether you are dealing with loss, struggling with sin, working on your marriage, or simply wanting to understand better what it means to be a Christian, the counseling ministry at Zoe organizes and equips our church to come alongside one another to assist in applying God’s Word through the work of the Holy Spirit until each person is made complete in Christ. (Gal 6:1, Eph 1:17, Col 1:28).

Currently, we can only focus our counseling efforts on members of our church. However, if you are interested in receiving counsel or have questions about this ministry, please email We’ll do our best to point you in a solid, biblical direction even if we can’t personally offer counseling right now.

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