Spring 2022 Season

Community groups meet in homes during the week with 3-5 families/individuals. Community groups will meet from February 14 through May.  As a church, we will be going through a study on Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson.

If you are not already part of a community group but would like to join one for this season, please use the link below to sign up and a pastor or community group leader near you will reach out. New community group registration ends February 6, 2022.

If you are new to Zoe, we recommend signing up for our upcoming Dinner for Six where you can meet some other families from church, as well as an elder who can answer any questions you have!


  1. How does this work, and how big of a commitment is it?
    You will meet for 6 sessions over the course of 12-13 weeks to go through the material together. Treat these meetings as dedicated times of fellowship and encouragement. You can hang out, have a meal together, and watch the teaching and go through the discussion questions. And of course, you’ll pray. There is a book that accompanies the study, which you will read individually during the week before you get together.
  2. Who leads the group?
    Each group will have one or two leaders/facilitators. They’ll contact you before the season starts to let you know about the first meeting. Each study has video teaching from 10-15 minutes, and a provided workbook to guide you through the small group study through questions.
  3. How do we schedule our meetings?
    Your group leaders/facilitators will help you as a group set a schedule of meeting dates for the season.
  4. How do I join a group?
    If you haven’t been in a group before we ask that you use the link above to let us know you want to be in a community group. We’ll connect you with a group leader near you and they should reach out shortly. If you’re confused, just sign up and we’ll help you out!
  5. Can I be in the same group as before?
    Yes, if you are already in a group or have a particular group you would like to join, please make sure to confirm with that group leader that you’d like to join them this season. If you would like to join a new group, simply sign up here.
  6. Do the book and/or materials cost anything?
    If you cannot afford to help with the cost of materials, it’s not a problem. For those who can, $5 for each book is the suggested donation to help cover the costs of the community group materials.
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