Spring 2024 Season

Community groups meet in homes during the week with 4-6 families/individuals. You will meet approximately 8 sessions from the week of February 11 through May.  This season, we’re studying The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn. This study coincides with our Stewardship Project that is meant to help us grow as stewards of God’s good gifts. 

Signups are open, please browse below to see what groups are available this season. If you have any questions check out the FAQs, or contact info@zoedallas.org. If you would like, please use the link below to donate to help cover the cost of the book. You can also donate $5 cash to your community group later.

Download Study Guides for Season (please complete before you meet for your sessions):
Session 1 Study Guide
Session 2 Study Guide
Session 3 Study Guide
Session 4 Study Guide
Session 5 Study Guide
Session 6 Study Guide

Browse or Signup for a Community Group Below

Northeast Allen

Leader: Matt Sawasaki & Jesse Terasaki


  1. How does this work, and how big of a commitment is it?
    You will meet for 8 weeks (6 study sessions) over the course of 14 weeks to read and discuss the community group materials. Treat these meetings as intentional and guided times of fellowship, prayer, encouragement and accountability.
  2. Who leads the group?
    Each group will have one or two leaders/facilitators. You’ll see who they are above under the location of each group. After you sign up, they’ll contact you before the season starts to let you know about the first meeting. 
  3. How do I join a group?
    Use the buttons above to join a community group. When you sign up, you’ll specify how many adults and children you’ll be bringing to group, assuming there is still space available.
  4. Can I be in the same group as before?
    Yes, if you are already in a group or have a particular group you would like to join, please make sure to sign up for that community group again. If you would like to join a new group, simply sign up for that group here. If you have any particular questions, you can reach out to your previous community group leader.
  5. What about Youth Group on Fridays?
    The youth group schedule and suggested community group schedule only have one overlapping Friday date (March 22). On this date, Youth Group will meet early for a dinner so that youth can be dropped off around 6pm, and picked up after 9.
  6. Who is this for?
    Community groups are intended for those who attend Zoe Community Church. If you are a member or regular attender but are having trouble finding a group, contact info@zoedallas.org and we’ll do our best to help you find one.
  7. What if the group I want to join is full?
    You can either reach out to the group leader personally, or join another group that works with your schedule. We’ve done our best to have enough groups, and there should be multiple other groups with sufficient space.
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