Spring 2022 Season

Community groups meet in homes during the week with 3-5 families/individuals. Community groups will meet from February 14 through May.  As a church, we will be going through a study on Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson.

If you are not already part of a community group but would like to join one for this season, please use the link below to sign up and we’ll connect you with a leader near where you live.


  1. How does this work?
    You will meet for 6 sessions over the course of 12-13 weeks to go through the material together. Treat these meetings as dedicated times of fellowship and encouragement. You can hang out, have a meal together, and watch the teaching and go through the discussion questions. And of course, you’ll pray. There is a book that accompanies the study, which you will read individually during the week before you get together.
  2. Who leads the group?
    Each group will have one or two leaders/facilitators. They’ll contact you before the season starts to let you know about meetings. Each study has video teaching from 10-15 minutes, and a provided workbook to guide you through the small group study through questions.
  3. How do we schedule our meetings?
    Your group leaders/facilitators will help you as a group set a schedule of meeting dates for the season.
  4. How do I join a group?
    If you haven’t been in a group before we ask that you use the link above to let us know you want to be in a community group. We’ll contact you shortly thereafter and connect you with a group leader near you. If you’re confused, just sign up and we’ll help you out!
  5. Can I be in the same group as before?
    Yes, if you are already in a group or have a particular group you would like to join, please make sure to confirm with that group leader that you’d like to join them this season. If you would like to join a new group, simply sign up here.
  6. Do the book and/or materials cost anything?
    If you cannot afford to help with the cost of materials, it’s not a problem. For those who can, $5 for each book is the suggested donation to help cover the costs of the community group materials.
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