What's Next?

Pastor Jesse gives a short update on what to expect with our Stewardship Project at Zoe! Please watch the video or read about how you can participate along with our church family below.


Join us for a time of worship and prayer in a local park as we pray and seek the Lord, and ask for him to lead us to a more permanent place of worship. This time of short encouragement, musical worship, and corporate prayer is meant to remind us that the church is the Lord’s, and is not just a building but the gathering of God’s people.

We will gather in a local park in Allen (April 16), McKinney (May 14), and Plano (June 11). 

If you are able and willing, the elders invite you to join us in fasting and praying for the entirety of the day leading to our time of prayer at the park.

To learn more about fasting download the quick guide below.

On April 16 at our prayer gathering, we’ll publish a guide for how to pray corporately for the stewardship project.  Even if you cannot make this in person gathering, it is imperative that we seek the Lord’s guidance and provision together as a church. 

Keep praying!


In a few weeks, at our 8th Anniversary Service on May 5, we as a church family will have an opportunity to participate in this stewardship project by giving towards our church building fund.

In particular, you’ll have an opportunity to give a “first fruits offering” during service at the same time as the rest of our church. You’ll also be able to make a commitment for what you think the Lord would have you give to the project over the course of the coming year, up until our next anniversary service in May of 2025.

Please pick up a pledge card at church to pray and prepare prior to this date (see sample below).

If you want to participate but can’t be with us in person that day, we invite you to drop off your pledge card in the offering boxes any Sunday leading up to May 5.

Want to Give Today?

If you desire to financially support the ministry of Zoe and give to our Stewardship Project now, please use the link below.

Donate Now


How Can I Involve My Kids?

This is a wonderful time for those with children to teach them the importance of stewardship and the truth that God owns everything. 

We encourage you to involve your kids with your family prayer and decision with how much to give to this project. 

We also invite children  who desire to participate to fill out a pledge card on their own to practice  committing themselves to generous living.

What's the Best Way to Give?

While all gifts are appreciated, we believe that committing to give to the Lord's work and kingdom over time is beneficial and wise, so we encourage doing BOTH a first fruits offering, and a year-long pledge.

We are able to receive in-person and online donations, as well as receive direct donations of stocks, bonds, or securities, whose total value at the time of gift is tax-deductible.

How Should I Pray?

As we said above, pray individually, and pray corporately with us. Specifically, we ask you take time to fast and pray for:

  1. The Spiritual Growth of Our Church
  2. The Lord to Provide Exactly What We Need
  3. For Wisdom and Generosity As You Grow as a Steward of the Lord

About This Project

God has been faithful to us at Zoe, and over the past 8 years he has grown our church family and given us a fruitful ministry of the Word here in Collin County. We believe that teaching the word of God faithfully, sharing the gospel, and committing to one another in a local church is needed more than ever in our lives, in our culture, and in our community. For those reasons, the elders believe it is prudent for us to seek a more permanent meeting location.
More than a new building, and even more than what God wants for this community, we are convinced from scripture that God wants our church to grow in our understanding of stewardship according to the Bible. A “building campaign” can be rife with opportunities for selfishness, worldliness, and materialism. But it can also be a tremendous opportunity for biblical and spiritual growth. And that’s what we hope will happen here – that we as a church would not depend on ourselves but on God all the more, in seeking his will and investing in His Kingdom. 

And so rather than a building campaign, we are going to refer to this effort towards getting a building our stewardship project. And we’ve decided to call the stewardship project “Faithful with More.”
This phrase expresses clearly that we are trying to grow, to expand, to build something that is more than what we currently have. But we hope it will also remind us every time we see it that the goal is greater faithfulness with whatever God graciously decides to give us.
In Luke 12:48, Jesus says, “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.” 
For us to seek to be given more by God, the priority must be for us to be more faithful with what he has already given. And realize this is about more than just money. It’s about life, and it’s about ministry. Unfortunately, so many churches that started off faithfully, forsook that faithfulness when their ministry grew. If God grows our ministry, and if more people are brought by the Lord, it is all the more imperative that we be faithful to Him, His Word, His Gospel. We have been given so much, we know that. So if we are going to seek more, we must learn to be faithful with more.
In the image above, you’ll see our projected timeline for the Stewardship Project. It involves a number of steps, but these are the highlights. 
1) Pray
For the remainder of this year, we ask that you please commit yourself to praying alongside us as elders regarding this process. Please pray for wisdom for the elders, pray for spiritual growth and preparation for our church, and pray for God’s perfect provision. We want to be fully entrusting this into the Lord’s hands. Our building fund is currently open to donations, but that is more so that if there is some particular reason why you feel you should give this year, or spread out giving, the option is open to you. 
2) Meet
In January, we will have our annual members meeting, but this time in particular focusing on this Stewardship Project. We’ll talk about a future physical home, or building, and take some input from the members about this process as well as what we have been looking at and contemplating as elders. At this time, we’ll also update how our search has been going, what the parameters and criteria are that we are working with, and what possibilities might be on the horizon.
3) Teach and 4) Grow
At the end of January, into February, we’ll begin two things simultaneously: A preaching series on Stewardship, and a community group series on The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn. The goal is to teach us and grow us to view ourselves as stewards, using what God has given for his glory, his kingdom, his purposes. We also want to learn for the good of our church how joyful a stewardship mindset can be.
5) Give
At the end of this process, we’re going to have a time to give as a practice of our stewardship. In light of what we have learned, and how we have grown, we hope that in May of 2024 we’ll be prepared and ready to give as the Holy Spirit leads us. This will be what some call a first-fruits offering, where we will give one time gifts, as well as a time to give pledges for those who can commit to giving for the remainder of the 2024 and into May 2025.
We as elders are excited for this project. Not simply because of what a future building might look like, but because of what we believe our future church will look like having walked together through this process. If you have questions please feel free to contact us as elders, and we will do our best to communicate clearly with the church members as best we can. 
Our desire as elders is not to get something from you, but to lead you towards what we believe God wants for you, and for us as a church. To grow as stewards of our resources, our lives, and our ministry here at Zoe. To be more faithful with what we have been given. And to continue to be faithful if God graciously wills to give us more.
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