Hi Zoe family! We hope you are well in these unique times. Though we miss gathering together in person, the Bible is clear that parents have the primary calling by God to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph 6:4). So it’s our desire that in the midst of these circumstances that you would take advantage of the time you have with your children to teach them according to God’s Word.

For the next weeks we’ll be publishing Zoe Kids lessons here and on our YouTube channel that you can use to help teach your children from scripture. These lessons follow the curriculum that the toddlers and preschoolers were using at church, but the videos should be appropriate for all age levels. The video will cover the Bible story and the main point, and also include a demonstration of a craft you can do together. We’ll also provide discussion questions below the video for you to use with your kids as appropriate. Your kids can keep track of points for memorizing Bible verses by using the chart found here (NEW Chart for May!)

Please note that these videos aren’t meant to be played during the Sunday Service stream. Instead, we hope you’ll use them on the Lord’s day to worship with your kids. Of course, feel free to use as much or as little of the lesson as you’d like.  And don’t forget to have fun as you point your children to Jesus!

July 5, 2020 - The Holiness of God

Main Idea: God is Holy, and Separate from Sin!
  1. God is Holy.
  2. God is not contaminated by our sin and holiness, but can make us holy!
  3. God’s holiness calls his people to be holy.
Lesson Resources:
Discussion Questions

Use the handout above to discuss the lesson with your kids and introduce them to the holiness of God!

June 28, 2020 - The Flood (Genesis 6-9)

Main Idea: God is holy and punishes sin, but saves those who put their trust in him.

When we do things that are wrong and disobey his law, God says there are consequences. But even though God is perfectly holy, he still loves people. And in fact God is the only one who can save us from the problem of sin.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. Question: Why did God send the great flood?
    Answer: Because God saw that the people on earth were very sinful (6:5)

  2. Question: Why did God Save Noah and his family?
    Answer: Noah found favor in God’s eyes (6:8) This was because he was a righteous man (6:9)

  3. Question: How long did the storm that caused the flood last?
    Answer: 40 days and 40 nights (7:12)

  4. Question: What did it mean that Noah was righteous?
    Answer: It means that God accepted him and Noah had a relationship with God. This happened because Noah obeyed God and believed his word, which he proved when he built the ark.

  5. Question: Why didn’t the flood fix the problem of sin?
    Answer: Noah and his family trusted God, but they still sinned after the flood (9:21-24). Because Noah and his family were fallen people, they brought sin into the new world. This showed that God still needed to send Jesus to truly fix the problem of sin.

June 21, 2020 - The Omni-Attributes of God

Main Idea: God is infinite, and in control!
  1. God’s Omnipresence – He is in every place at every time
  2. God’s Omniscience – He knows all things
  3. God’s Omnipotence – God is all-powerful
Lesson Resources:
Discussion Questions

Use the handout above to discuss the lesson with your kids and introduce to the “omni”-attributes of God, which correspond with our current sermon series!

June 14, 2020 - The Fall (Genesis 3)

Main Idea: Sin Separates Us from God

God made everything very good, but when Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s law they brought sin into the world. The consequences of sin are separation from God and death.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. Question: What was the rule God gave to Adam and Eve?
    Answer: Not to eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden. (3:3)

  2. Question: What was the consequence for breaking God’s rule?
    Answer: God said they would die. God cursed the man and woman and life become hard. God sent them away from the garden. (3:16-19)

  3. Question: Why did God put an angel to guard the way to the garden?
    Answer: Because they sinned, they could not be in God’s holy presence. God also did not want them to eat from the tree of life in their sinful state. (3:22-23)

  4. Question: What was God’s promise to humanity after the fall?
    He would send Jesus to save the world from the consequences of sin and death and reconcile us back to him! (3:15)

June 7, 2020 - The Existence of God

Main Idea: God’s Word and God’s World Show Us That God Exists!

1. What does the Bible say?
2. Nature gives evidence of God.
3. Why is this important for us?

Lesson Resources:
Discussion Questions

Use the handout above to discuss the lesson with your kids and introduce to the topic of Theology Proper (the study of God Himself), which corresponds with our current sermon series!

May 31, 2020 - Creation (Genesis 1:1-2:3)

Main Idea: God Created Everything, Including You!

This means that everything we see in the world around us can help us know how GREAT God is, and remind us to live with him as our king!

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. How many days did it take for God to create the world?
    6 days. Genesis 1

  2. Why does God deserve to be the king over everything?
    Because he created it all!

  3. What was God’s most special creation?
    Human beings, because he created us in his image. Gen. 1:27

  4. Because we are created by God, how should we live?
    We should obey him, love him, and know him through his word.

  5. Bonus: Can you list what God created on each day?
    Day 1 – Day & Night, Day 2 – Sky; Day 3 – Dry ground, sea & plants; Day 4 – Sun, moon & stars; Day 5 – Birds & sea animals; Day 6 – land animals & humans; Day 7 – rest (Genesis 1)

Main Idea: God has a good plan for all His children!

This video devotional explains to kids through a fun experiment that even when you can’t always see it, God is at work in his children. We can trust in him and look forward to the things he will do in this world and in the lives of those who love him.

May 17, 2020 - The Return of Christ (2 Peter 3:8-10)

Main Idea: Jesus is alive, and will return one day to establish the new heavens and earth!

The Bible teaches that one day Jesus will return to this world to judge everyone. Those who trust in Jesus can look forward to the day when Jesus puts an end to sin, and welcomes forgiven people into the perfect world he will establish.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. Who is the only person who can hold/know the future?

  2. What is the one thing all Christians are supposed to look forward to?
    When Jesus will one day come back to earth. (2 Peter 3:2-4)

  3. Why do you think Jesus has waited for a long time but still hasn’t yet returned?
    The Bible says that God doesn’t view time the same way we do. Jesus is being patient towards the world and wants people to repent of their sins and trust in the Gospel before he comes back. (2 Peter 3:8-10)

  4. When Jesus comes back, what will he do?
    He will judge the world. God will punish every wrong thing ever done. He will destroy sin and evil once and for all. Then he will establish God’s forever kingdom. (2 Peter 3:10, 13; Revelation 22:12)

  5. What should we do while we wait?
    Live holy lives, and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 3:11, 18)

May 10, 2020 - Paul's Journeys (Acts 13-21)

Main Idea: God wants to bring the good news of Jesus to the world!

Paul went all around the Roman Empire telling people about the gospel. On these trips, he founded many churches, and wrote letters to help Christians grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. What did Saul change his name to?
    Paul (Acts 13:9)

  2. Who guided and empowered Paul to spread the gospel everywhere he went?
    The Holy Spirit empowered Paul and led him to where he was supposed to go..

  3. Why do you think Paul and Silas were praising God, even when they were in jail?
    They were praying to God, and praising him even when their circumstances were difficult. Like many other early Christians, they probably counted it a privilege to be able to suffer for the sake of telling people about Jesus (Acts 5:41)

  4. How can you be part of God’s mission today?
    We can share the gospel with anyone in our lives, and we can also help by being willing to send and support those who bring the good news of Jesus and the Word of God (the Bible) to places all around the world!

May 3, 2020 - God Transforms Saul/Paul

Main Idea: God Transforms Sinful People to Love and Serve Him

Saul was a man who tried to hurt and kill Christians. But when he met Jesus on the road to Damascus, his entire life changed. God calls people out of their lives of sin to serve him and spread the gospel.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. Where was Paul headed when he saw the bright light and what was he trying to do?
    Damascus, to arrest Christians (Acts 9:3)

  2. How did God use Ananias to help Paul after he was blinded?
    God used Ananias to show Paul that the God was working in the Christians’ lives. Ananias came to show Saul that only Jesus could heal him from his blindness. He also baptized Saul so that Paul would be part of the church.

  3. How do you think people reacted when they saw that Saul who was hurting Christians was now trying to follow Jesus?
    They were amazed, and they realized that God had done something in Paul’s life (9:21). However, some probably were doubtful that Paul could change so much. His life would be the proof of the transformation that God had performed.

  4. How are people transformed by God today?
    When someone understands the truth of the gospel, turns away from sin and places their trust in Jesus, they are immediately changed from an enemy of God to one of God’s children. Over time, the Holy Spirit continues to transform us and make us more and more like Jesus.

April 26, 2020 - God Saves All Kinds of People

Main Idea: God Accepts Any person who puts their faith in Jesus

Peter had a dream from God and a visit with Cornelius that showed him that God was saving Gentiles through the gospel. God showed Peter that all people can come into God’s family if they repent and believe in the good news of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and return.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. Who was Cornelius?
    He was a Roman Centurion who feared God and prayed every day (Acts 10:2).

  2. What happened on the roof to Peter?
    God sent him a vision and told him to eat unclean animals from a sheet (Acts 10:11-16).

  3. Why were certain foods “clean” and “unclean”?
    God commanded this in the Old Testament law, to show that the Israelites were set apart for him.

  4. What does it mean that God shows no partiality?
    It means that any kind of person can become a Christian. Anyone who fears God and does what He commands by repenting and believing in Jesus will be saved. (Acts 10:34)

April 19, 2020 - Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit

Main Idea: God Sends the Holy Spirit to be with all Christians!

After Jesus ascended to heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit to empower his disciples to share the gospel. The Holy Spirit helps believers understand God’s Word, do what pleases him, and share with others the good news of Jesus. Story from Acts 1:1-2:47.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. Where did Jesus go when he ascended?
    He went to heaven (Acts 1:11).

  2. What happened after the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples?
    They began to speak in other languages that they didn’t know before (Acts 2:4-8).

  3. Why do you think the Holy Spirit made the disciples speak other languages?
    He used this miracle to show those gathered in Jerusalem that the disciples’ message about Jesus’ death and resurrection was true (Acts 2:17-21; 32).

  4. What are some ways the Holy Spirit helps Christians today?
    The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit does many things. Some important ones for children to understand are that he causes people to believe in Jesus (John 3:5-8), he helps us grow in the ways that please God (Galatians 5:16-25), and he helps us understand God’s Word (1 Corinthians 2:12).

April 12, 2020 - Jesus' Death and Resurrection

Main Idea: When Jesus died and rose from the grave, he took our punishment and defeated sin and death forever!

The resurrection of Jesus is proof that Jesus was the Son of God, and that he can give eternal life to all who believe in him! Story from all four gospel accounts.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. Who betrayed Jesus?
    Judas, one of his disciples.

  2. What was the meaning of the curtain tearing in the temple?
    It meant that because of Jesus’ death, we can have a relationship with God and not be separated from him.

  3. What did Jesus’ resurrection show us?
    It showed that God accepted Jesus’ sacrifice, it proved that Jesus was who he said he was, and it also showed us that those who believe in Jesus don’t have to fear death because Jesus is greater than death.

  4. How does the good news of Easter affect the bad news that all of us are sinners?
    Even though we are all deserving of God’s wrath, we have been given the gift of forgiveness and new life if we believe in Jesus.

April 5, 2020 - Jesus' Last Supper

Main Idea: Before going to the Cross, Jesus used Passover to teach the importance of his death and resurrection.

By sacrificing his body and blood, Jesus made it possible for those who believe in him to have our sins passed over, just like God passed over the households of the Israelites in Egypt. Story from Exodus & Matthew 26.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. What feast were Jesus and his disciples celebrating in Jerusalem?
    They were celebrating the Passover.

  2. What did Passover remind the Israelites of?
    Passover reminded the people of when God had delivered the Israelites from Egypt, and from death.

  3. Why do Christians today celebrate “communion?”
    We do so to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us, and to celebrate that he died and rose from the grave.

  4. Why did Jesus say the bread and cup were his body and blood?
    Jesus was showing that he was the new Passover “lamb” who would save God’s people not from Egypt, but from sin.

March 29, 2020 - Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet

Main Idea: Jesus showed us how to treat others better than we treat ourselves

Jesus was the king, but he acted like a servant. By doing this, Jesus showed us that the way to be great in God’s eyes is to serve and love other people, and to treat them as more important than ourselves. Story from John 13:1-17.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions (from simple to complex):
  1. Who normally washed other people’s feet at that time?
    Normally servants would wash other people’s feet because it was considered a dirty job.

  2. Why do you think Peter didn’t want Jesus to wash his feet?
    Peter knew that Jesus was very important. He thought that someone important should not be doing the servant’s job.

  3. Why do you think Jesus wanted to wash his disciples feet?
    Jesus wanted to teach his followers how to be like him (v.14). By washing their feet, Jesus gave them an example to follow of serving and loving one another.

  4. How can we be washed by Jesus? 
    We can be washed by believing in him and trusting in his sacrifice on the cross.

  5. Why did Jesus tell Peter he only needed his feet washed?
    Jesus was explaining that the kind of cleaning we all need is not for our bodies, but for our sins to be washed away through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Everyone in this world needs to be washed by Jesus in order to be saved (v.8).

  6. What does it mean to be humble, and how can you live that out in your life?

March 22, 2020 - Jesus & Lazarus

Main Idea: Jesus is More Powerful than Death

In times like these, death and sickness can be very scary realities. But those who believe in Jesus don’t have to live in fear, because Jesus has conquered death.

Craft Resources:
Discussion Questions:
  1. Who was Lazarus?
    Lazarus was the brother of Mary and Martha, and a friend of Jesus.
  2. How long had Lazarus been dead before Jesus brought him back?
    4 days (John 11:39)
  3. What do you think happened to Lazarus way later in life?
    Lazarus died again. But Jesus said that for those who believe in Jesus, even if they die physically they will live with him forever (John 11:25-26).
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