Zoe Kids

Zoe Kids exists to help our children know and love Jesus Christ, and to discover in him the knowledge of God and how to live in the world he has created. Our commitment to every family is that we will do our best to ensure our children are safe, have fun, and learn about Jesus. All of our volunteers at Zoe Kids are background checked and screened, as well as trained in following our Child Protection Policies. If you have any questions about the measures we take to keep our kids safe, please contact us.

The following ministries take place during Sunday service for children 9 months or older. We also have volunteers dedicated to helping any children with special needs be included in our Sunday programs. Please note that children of all ages are always welcome to join their parents in the general worship service.

Elementary (1st-5th Grade)

Elementary-aged children will start each week singing worship songs followed by a scripture-memorization song. They'll play a game, go over a Bible lesson and do a craft to reinforce the lesson each week.

Pre-K (4-5 years old)

Preschoolers will start with the toddlers and have a time of singing and learning worship and scripture songs. Then they'll break off for an age-appropriate Bible lesson, a snack, and a craft. Please leave a drink for your children if applicable!

Toddlers (2-3 years old)

Toddlers will start each week with a time of worship and scripture songs. Then they'll break off for snacks, an age-appropriate Bible lesson and activities. Please leave a bottle of water or drink for your toddlers when you drop them off, and take them potty before you leave!

Infants (9 - 24 months old)

Your little one(s) will be able to play in a safe environment, enjoy songs and interacting with other children, and have a snack of puffs and water. Please leave a drink for your baby when you drop them off!

Children's Ministry Sunday Schedule

Time Elementary (1st-5th) Preschool (4-5 years) Toddlers (24-36mos) Infants (9-24mos)
1:15-1:35 Check-In Check-in Check-In
1:30 Free Play Free Play
Free Play
Musical Worship
Little Worship
1:45 Split Up To Classes
Snacks and Drinks
Snack and Drinks
Snacks and Drinks
Bible Lesson
Bible Lesson
Bible Story
Free Play
Coloring/Games/ Puzzles/Reading
2:40 Cleanup Cleanup Cleanup
2:45 Freeplay Freeplay Freeplay Cleanup
2:50 Pickup Pickup Pickup Pickup